Current Projects

Here, we are expanding the client's garden to take in a previously neglected part of the yard. You can see a stack of fire wood and a stack of field stone that has piled up over a period of time. The first step in this small project is to remove all the "eyesores" from the site.


Once the site is clear of debris the next step is to outline the area dividing the natural area from the lawn area. This natural area makes a termination point of a long and narrow bed that follows the stream. You can't see the full view here, but the border here makes a smoothe continuation of the border to the right of the foot bridge. One of the objectives is to hide the erosion problem that has ocurred in the creek.


In this photo you can see the expansion of the natural area begin to take shape. We have set out the main plants and added mulch to the area. The plant list includes:


A second shot from a different angle. In this shot you can see the conical shape of the young spruce tree, the upright habit of the plum yew, and the protrate habit of the barberry.


This moss path is an example of one way to treat a shaded area under a canopy of trees. This path receives little sunlight and is not suitable for a lawn area. The moss develops over time because of nutrient poor soil (mostly gravel and sand). Keeping leaves and debris off the area is a must.

Moss gives the garden a softness and can be very desirable in many situations. During the winter months when most of the garden seems dormant this path is at its greenest.

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