Lawn and Garden Maintenance Programs

We offer two outstanding maintenance programs for your landscape. Both programs are flexible and can be customized for your particular needs. The first is our Lawn Maintenance program. The second is our Garden Maintenance program. The tables below describe the services offered. Combined, these two programs will make a powerful statement in your yard! Click here to request a FREE estimate.

Mid-South's Lawn Maintenance Program
Type of Service Frequency Period of Service Description of Service
Aerating Once a year Spring or Fall; Fall recommended Core plugging the lawn surface breaks up the compacted soil that has occurred over the years, promotes root growth, and allows nutrients to penetrate the thatch barrier that exists in most lawns. This is required for reseeding to promote seed germination.
Reseeding Once a year Spring or Fall; Fall recommended Shaded lawns should be re-seeded every year. Lawns that receive full sunlight should be re-seeded at a minimum of every three years.
Fertilizing Three times a year February, September, November An application of fertilizer in February, another in September, and again in November promotes a healthy lawn. It is important to fertilize new lawns as well as existing turf areas.
Lime application Once a year December In the mid-south most lawns need adjusting annually with an application of lime to "sweeten" the soil. This helps keep the pH level in the proper range. This is most effective when done during the Winter months.
Pre-emergent herbicide Three times a year Spring and Fall Our program consists of three applications. Two in the Spring of the year and one in the Fall. The dual Spring applications are important to control crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds. The timing of these applications may vary depending on weather and soil temperatures.
Post-emergent herbicide Minimum once a year Spring and Summer A post-emergent herbicide deters weeds that have already established themselves in the lawn. Our applications are applied Spring and Summer. The timing of these applications may vary depending on weather and soil temperatures.
Lawn maintenance Weekly February through December The length of the mowing season is dependent on the severity of the Winter. We usually start mowing in February and end our weekly mowing in December. This year we have been mowing all twelve months because of the mild Winter. Call us for a quotation on this seasons contracts.

Mid-South's Garden Maintenance Program
Type of Service Frequency Period of Service Description of Service
Pruning trees and shrubs Two to three times a year As required Proper pruning of ornamental shrubs and trees promotes healthier plants. We are able to assess each plant in your garden and use the correct method of pruning at the correct time of the year. We are skilled in pollarding, topiary, espalier, thinning, coppice, and shearing methods.
Mulch and needles Twice a year As needed, Recommended before Summer's heat and before Winter's cold Adding mulch or pine needles to your natural areas and gardens will protect valuable plants from cold weather, help prevent invasive weeds, keep moisture in the ground during Summer months, and keep your natural areas looking clean.
Planting new trees and shrubs As requested Fall, Winter, and Spring Fall, Winter, and Spring are opportune times to plant new trees and shrubs. We installed a new greenhouse at Mid-South Landscaping in the Spring of 1997. Keep us in mind as we will be propagating stock of many perennials and shrubs for your garden.
Herbicides for natural areas Monthly, if required Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Natural areas are inspected on each visit. Noxious weeds are spot treated if present in the garden or natural areas.

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