Planning -- All landscape projects, large or small, go through a planning phase. The planning phase may range from an informal meeting and a handshake, to a formal contract that considers budget, detail design, implementation schedule, and maintenance requirements.

We provide planning services for residential, commercial, government, church, and non profit customers.

It is during the planning phase that we go over your ideas and develop the scope of the project. It's here where the creative process begins. Together we develop a rough draft layout defining the project boundaries, and major points of interest. A list of possible trees, shrubs, ground covers, grasses, and perennials is developed.

 Design -- The design phase turns the plan into an executable blueprint. It's during this phase that the total picture emerges. The theme or "motif" is developed. The final plant selection is made and plant sources are located. Then a Landscape Plan, plant inventory and price list, project schedule, and contract detailing all deliverables and costs are prepared.

The design is developed through periodic reviews with the customer. During the design process we review the plant inventory list, blueprint, schedule, and cost with the customer. Changes can be made at any time during the design phase at the discretion of the customer. When changes are made we update the design and review the changes with the customer to get acknowledgment and approval.

The project design can be a cooperative effort depending on how much involvement you want to have. The customer can take a high involvement approach and we will transform the customers vision onto paper, or we can take a "turnkey" approach and offer several design options from which the customer can choose.

Implementation -- The implementation phase transforms the plan and design into reality. This is where the project takes shape. Using the blueprint from the design phase as a "road map" we progress through the implementation steps. If any digging is required the first step is to have the utility companies come out and mark all underground pipes and cables. Next we bring in material for earth birms, retaining walls, ponds, etc. The project then moves to a "roughed in" state. In this state all earthen birms are completed, all landscape structures (walls, walkways, bridges, ponds, etc.) are completed and we stake out locations for trees, shrubs, flower gardens, and lawns. We consult with the customer at this time and ask for approval. Next we proceed to the plant installation phase. Plant material is brought in and installed. Final steps include the application of mulch to trees, shrubs, and beds, and the seeding and application of straw to lawn areas. Again we consult with the customer and obtain approval before completing the project and issuing our invoice.


Maintenance -- All lawns and gardens require regular maintenance to keep them in top notch shape. We provide the following maintenance services: (1) Weekly mowing, edge trimming, and cleanup during the growing season. (2) Fertilizer, lime, aeration and reseeding plan. (3) Leaf and debris removal including cleaning rain gutters. (4) Tree and shrubbery pruning. (5) Flower bed maintenance including the spreading of mulch. (6) Licensed pesticide application. Our Programs page explains our maintenance services in detail.

Renewal -- Forgotten and neglected lawns and gardens can sometimes be brought back to life with a minimal amount of cost and effort. You may have an heirloom garden that can be a showpiece again with some renovation. We can assess your landscape, develop a renewal plan and refurbish your lawn and garden to their original splendor.

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